Prismatic hard shell power battery assembly line

● Application 
It is applied to the process of core heat pressure, X-ray detection, pre-welding, combine-core pact glue, electrode welding, upper stop frame, envelope, shell and plate welding.

● functional features 
1. Highly stability of production line and highly automation;
2. All key process parameters of whole line will be under real-time online monitoring, detection;
3.With whole line dust treatment system (digital control);
4.The whole operation with trays , after the whole line hot pressure, protecting the core as while eliminating the dust caused by scratch core;
5.The whole line is equipped with the function of the buffer to ensure the normal operation of the changing materials and other equipment, and improve the overall efficiency .;
6.Advantages of the whole line: with Siemens MES system, equipment predictive maintenance;
7.Total control and management (dust, time, temperature, humidity, impurity )

specification parameters





Tech parameters

Efficiency of whole line

(high speed line 20PPM)


(high speed line 20PPM)


12 PPM

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